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Electric Guitar


Hebikuo, a leading China Electric Guitar Manufacturer, represents the pinnacle of precision and artistry in the world of electric guitars. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, we bring forth instruments that empower musicians to unleash their sonic creativity.

Crafted to Perfection: At Hebikuo, we understand that electric guitars are more than musical instruments; they are an extension of the artist's soul. Our master luthiers meticulously craft each guitar, selecting the finest tonewoods, like mahogany and maple, to ensure exceptional tone and resonance. Every instrument is a testament to our dedication to perfection.

Tone Unleashed: Our electric guitars are renowned for their exceptional tonal range, from smooth, bluesy notes to soaring, high-gain solos. We achieve this versatility through precise construction, premium pickups, and cutting-edge electronics. Your music will find its true voice with Hebikuo.

Artistry in Every Detail: Beyond exceptional sound, Hebikuo electric guitars are a visual masterpiece. From stunning finishes to intricate inlays, we pay meticulous attention to aesthetics. Our guitars are designed to inspire, whether on stage or displayed proudly in your collection.

Customization at Your Fingertips: We understand that each musician is unique. That's why we offer a range of customization options, from choosing the perfect wood combinations to tailoring the design to your preferences. Your Hebikuo electric guitar is an expression of your individuality.

Global Presence: Our electric guitars have earned a global reputation for excellence. Musicians, from beginners to professionals, across the world choose Hebikuo for their musical journeys. Our efficient distribution network ensures that our instruments are accessible to all.

Uncompromising Quality: Quality is our hallmark. We fuse traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to create instruments that are not just built to last but to inspire greatness.

Join the league of accomplished guitarists and enthusiasts who have made Hebikuo their trusted partner. Elevate your music with the precision and artistry that define Hebikuo, your premier China Electric Guitar Manufacturer. Your sound, our craftsmanship – a harmony that's bound to resonate.

Custom Logo Maple Wood Electric Guitar ST1

The neck and body of a guitar are musical instruments with hollow sound chambers. The sound is produced by either striking the strings or their equivalent with a wooden saddle to lift the string above the fretboard, or by striking all the frets on one or more strings at once. When played at the right level and frequency range, the human body can be used as an acoustic sound box and can produce an extremely powerful sound. These days, it can be challenging to tell an electric guitar apart from one that has additional circuitry installed for volume control and pitch transposition.

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KG-20 Hot Sale Custom Logo OEM bass guitar 6 string Maple Wood High End acoustic electric guitars

This electric guitar was designed for beginners and students who are interested in playing the guitar. The comfortable action makes it easy for you to play, no matter what your age is. Its high gloss finish makes it look beautiful and stylish. The contours of the body make for a more comfortable playing experience, so that you can enjoy yourself and relax.

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KG-21 Electric Guitar - Featuring Corkwood, Flame Maple, and Rosewood Fingerboard

Introduction: The KG-21 Electric Guitar is a premium instrument that is built with the finest materials. Made from soft corkwood and flame maple, this guitar boasts excellent resonance and sustain. The unique mixture of corkwood and flame maple results in a tonal palette that is warm, clear, and articulate. The rosewood fingerboard further enhances the sound, contributing to a smooth and even response across all strings. Aside from its sound aesthetics, the KG-21 Electric Guitar is also designed with style and comfort in mind. The ergonomic shape of the body ensures a comfortable fit for all playing styles, and its sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to any performance. Completed with high-quality hardware, such as dual humbucker pickups, volume and tone controls and a 3-way pickup switch, the KG-21 Electric Guitar delivers the ultimate playing experience for electric guitar enthusiasts of all levels.

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KG-03 Electric Guitar - The Best Choice for Your Musical Journey

Introduction: The KG-03 Electric Guitar is a professional electric guitar with exceptional sound quality and exquisite design. It is made with high-quality materials such as premium wood and rosewood fretboard, providing a comfortable feel and stunning sound for the player. Additionally, the KG-03 Electric Guitar is equipped with dual microphone pickups, providing the player with stronger vibrations and more diverse sound options. If you need a guitar that can support you on your musical journey, the KG-03 Electric Guitar is your best choice. Whether you are a performer or a music lover, this electric guitar will meet your needs. The KG-03 Electric Guitar’s noise control and sound performance are both outstanding, making it a reliable companion whether you’re in the recording studio or on stage. What's more, the KG-03 Electric Guitar is reasonably priced, so even if your budget is limited, you can easily get a high-quality performance experience. Whether you are a beginner or a professional musician, the KG-03 Electric Guitar is an excellent choice ready to deliver a perfect performance for you at any time.

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KG-06 Electric Guitar - Dance with Notes, Ignite the Fire of Music.

The KG-06 Electric Guitar is an entry-level electric guitar suitable for beginners, with practical basic features and stylish appearance design. It is made with spruce wood, offering bright sound quality, and is equipped with a single pickup that produces sufficient volume and sound effects. The neck of the KG-06 Electric Guitar is made with high-quality and comfortable-feeling maple wood, providing ease and grace when playing. It also comes with reliable volume and tone control functions, enabling players to adjust the sound effects at any time. Furthermore, the stylish design of the KG-06 Electric Guitar makes it suitable for various occasions, serving as a perfect accompaniment guitar for stage performances and practice instrument. Whether you are a beginner who has just started learning or a music enthusiast who pursues fashion and music style, the KG-06 Electric Guitar is a good choice. It is simple to understand, easy to use, and reasonably priced, making it an ideal choice for beginners and learners.

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KG-14 Electric Guitar - Simple and Exquisite, Play Freely

The KG-14 Electric Guitar uses practical and high-quality materials, with exquisite and simple design, making it a high-quality instrument for playing. The body is made of peach wood and the outer board is treated with high-temperature baking, which achieves the best resonance quality of the entire body and excellent sound performance. The KG-14 Electric Guitar also features a dual pickup design, producing different sounds depending on the pickup location. Its unique music style makes it popular in the modern music field. The neck is made of comfortable sandalwood, reducing fatigue during playing. In addition, it is equipped with a dual-action truss rod that can adjust the curvature of the neck to meet different playing requirements. The KG-14 Electric Guitar not only has a simple appearance, but also has high-quality sound performance, especially suitable for various trendy music performances, making it a favorite instrument for musicians.

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KG-30 electric guitar - Unique voice, ultimate performance

The KG-30 electric guitar is a musical instrument with unique timbre. Its body adopts Mahogany, Flame Maple, and has undergone professional processing and processing, making the resonance effect of the body more excellent and the sound quality more pure and exquisite. In terms of pickups, the KG-30 electric guitar adopts a new active pickup design, which can better capture the vibration of the strings, showing fine timbre and strong volume effect. In addition, the neck is made of high-quality maple, which has a good feel. The exquisite body design and beautiful universal head make the shape of the KG-30 electric guitar more elegant and exquisite. The timbre performance of the KG-30 electric guitar is very excellent. It is not only suitable for rock and heavy metal music types, but also suitable for playing jazz and blues music styles. Therefore, it is the preferred choice for all types of musicians, performing outstandingly on different occasions such as the stage and recording studio.

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KG-27 electric guitar - Perfect combination of high-quality voice and excellent appearance

The KG-27 electric guitar is a perfect combination of high-quality voice and excellent appearance. Using high-quality wood and circuit components, its sound is clear, warm, and has sufficient expressive power and volume, suitable for various music styles. The neck and fingerboard of the instrument are made using professional craftsmanship, making it very easy to operate and play, making the playing process more comfortable and smooth. The strings are tightly wound, with accurate pitch and beautiful sound quality, making it very suitable for various playing styles. The design of the KG-27 electric guitar is very unique. It provides a variety of colors and patterns for guitars. It has a beautiful and fashionable appearance and has good competitiveness. At the same time, the built-in circuit of the guitar is also a highlight, adopting advanced sound processing technology, which can adjust parameters such as timbre, volume, and effect to meet the needs of different performers. Whether performing live or recording, the KG-27 electric guitar can bring you excellent sound. In general, the KG-27 electric guitar is a high-quality and high-performance instrument, which can be used by performers of various guitar playing levels. It has excellent timbre and exterior design, making it the ideal choice for every guitar player.

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KG-19 Electric Guitar - A stylish weapon to show your personality and enhance your music

The KG-19 Electric Guitar is made of high-quality wood and electronics, and its unique design is eye-catching. The guitar's sound is clear and transparent, suitable for various types of music performances, and the tightly wound strings make the sound natural and clear. The neck and fingerboard of the guitar are crafted with high-quality techniques, and the smooth tactile feel allows guitar masters to unleash their talents. Additionally, the KG-19 Electric Guitar's appearance design is also very unique, featuring bright colors and exquisite patterns that showcase personality and a sense of fashion, making it an excellent tool for music enthusiasts to show their uniqueness

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KB-02 Electric Bass - A rhythmic weapon with deep and powerful bass

The KB-02 Electric Bass is a classic bass designed for music enthusiasts, with a simple and elegant appearance, exquisite craftsmanship, and excellent bass effect that is perfect for solo, accompaniment, and various performances. Made of high-quality wood and advanced electronic components, this electric bass is capable of providing clear and powerful low-frequency effects, expressing deep rhythmic rhythms. In addition, the curved external design conforms to ergonomics and allows musicians to feel comfortable and unrestricted during performances. The KB-02 Electric Bass is reliable and stable in both production quality and sound performance, making it a perfect choice for both performances and practice.

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