More Accessories

More Accessories


Adjustable Wooden Piano Bench BA222-A

This stool is composed of a solid wood frame, metal pedal and sponge upholstered seat. It is portable, adjustable and foldable, allowing you to create a comfortable and stable place for playing piano in multiple situations.

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MA81 Hot Sale Black 74cm Height Folding Guitar Stool

Our hot sale folding guitar stool with guitar hook is a great bench for musicians and all those who are passionate about their music. This adjustable folding guitar stool is highly durable, easy to use and store, and it comes at an affordable price! It features a built-in guitar hook that allows you to hang your guitars vertically in order to save space. With a height of 74cm (29.1 inch) the stool is suitable for most people.

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Q-90 Folding Electronic Keyboard Music Adjustable Piano Stool

The Q-90 is a portable and lightweight folding stool that is perfect for the home, classroom, or office. This adjustable seat features a built in handle that makes it easy to carry, ensuring that you can seamlessly transport your keyboard anywhere you want to go. With a durable leather upholstery and sturdy steel structure, this ergonomically designed keyboard, the piano bench will provide hours of comfortable playing enjoyment.

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Hot sale Universal Small Guitar Effect Power Pasting Board Bracket Effector Stand

The material is aluminum alloy. We can provide a high quality and good service to you in your high-end market. The product is suitable for all kinds of guitar effects pedals. This product has excellent thermal stability, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, anti-static interference and other excellent performance characteristics.

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Digital Piano Sustain Pedal TB300

TB300 is an universal pedal extender to add sustain, sostenuto and soft pedals to your piano. This device can be installed in any brand of digital piano keyboard and it is also compatible with acoustic pianos, giving the user extra performance control possibilities.

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TB200 Rectangle skidproof Extended Pedal for keyboard Electronic Organ

TB200 is suitable for all digital pianos, electronic keyboards, synthesizers, tone modules or drum machines with 0.65cm jack extended pedal input.Polarity switch is compatible with all brand keyboards and pianos with 0.65cm jack.The large rubber anti-slip design allows the pedal to grip more firmly on hard floors and blankets.

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TB100 Universal Digital Keyboard Piano Sustain Pedal

This TB100 sustain pedal is with its universal compatibility: 1/4 inch (about 0.6 cm) plug, classic design, with a convenient polarity switch, compatible with all electronic keyboards. Beside, with chrome-plated metal pedal, which is long-lasting and durable, very suitable for studios and home use.

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TB401 Transparents Cover Mechanical Universal Metronome

This metronome adopts the popular pyramid-shaped classic design, with piano and dark wood grain finish to add elegance. The rhythm tolerance is only 0.08%, which can ensure accurate timing, reduce frustration during practice and build confidence on the stage.The precision movement of this metronome is durable, adopts spring mechanism, and does not need to buy batteries, saving money and protecting the environment.

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DJ-11 High Quality Silicone Practice Protective Cover for Drum Sticks

The drum damper is made of durable silicone, and the elastic silicone material is suitable for most drumsticks, also it can be easily placed on the drumstick head. The drumstick silent with light weight and soft rubber mallet heads, silent tips provide a very balanced feel in your hands which bring you a different experience with percussion instruments, practice anywhere without making noise.

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Wholesale 5 Sizes 4 Cloors Silicon Guitar Fingertip Protector for Guitar Ukulele Strings Instruments

"It's with 5 different sizes and 4 colors to meet the different needs of your daily life. This rubber finger covers can protect your fingers from scrapbook sewing, paper art, cutting, wax carving, guitar playing and so on; Reusable and long service life. Also, it's comfortable to wear. The fingertip sleeve is flexible, even if your nails are too long, you can wear it comfortably; Fingers can move without any burden, and the finger sleeve is easy to put on and take off. The fingertip guard is made of high-quality rubber, which is non-toxic and helps to keep fingers safe; Elasticity is suitable for most people's finger size."

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GB141 Drumsticks - Maximum Response for Precise Rhythm Control

The GB141 Drumsticks are crafted from high-quality maple wood and feature a classic elliptical design, with a smooth tail handle protected by a rubber sleeve that offers maximum comfort and precise rhythm control. In addition, the GB141 Drumsticks allow for custom logos based on the client's preference, adding to its artistic and personalized nature. No matter whether you are playing complex music at high speeds or fast-paced dance rhythms, the GB141 Drumsticks can provide maximum response for precise rhythm control.

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G6008 Practice Drum Pad - Enjoy Professional Training

The G6008 Practice Drum Pad features a screw-fixed and angle-adjustable design, a stable triangular base, and non-slip rubber feet that greatly enhance the drummer's experience during practice. The G6008 Practice Drum Pad is made of high-quality materials, with excellent design, sturdy structure, and meticulous details, providing professional-level music training. Compared to traditional training methods, the G6008 Practice Drum Pad is more portable and flexible, allowing you to enjoy high-quality practice experience anytime and anywhere.

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