Roland keyboard

Roland keyboard


88 Key Flagship Portable Piano

Roland FP-90X is truly a high-quality portable piano. Like other models in the FP-X series, the FP-90X has a stylish and slender appearance, making it easy to move. Roland possesses highly acclaimed piano technology, with the FP-90X being an outstanding representative of this technology. As the epitome of the FP-X series, the FP-90X is equipped with a captivating PHA-50 hybrid keyboard and Pure Acoustic Piano Modeling sound source, which can be customized for personalized sound. The built-in sound system creates a deep immersive playing atmosphere.

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88 key PHA-4 Standard keyboard

FP-60X is a high-quality piano with exceptional performance and moderate price. This piano belongs to the FP-X mid range series, with a compact size and elegant design, which can add icing on the cake to the living space. Its diverse features are sufficient to meet the requirements of experienced performers. The core of FP-60X is equipped with Roland's SuperNATural Piano sound source and a dynamic 88 key PHA-4 Standard keyboard, which can restore multiple original piano tones and can also be deeply customized through Piano Designer. This piano also offers a variety of other types of instrument sounds for you to explore, achieving realistic reproduction effects through the synergistic effect of surround sound and SuperNATural Piano sound source. It is also equipped with a powerful stereo sound system and immersive headphones for 3D environment effects that are easy to play alone.

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88 key portable PHA-4 Standard keyboard

FP-30X is a highly cost-effective best-selling style in the Roland FP-X series. This stylish and slender portable piano is of excellent quality and affordability, equipped with a high-quality sound source, excellent built-in speaker performance, and provides more polyphonic numbers. The FP-30X has Roland SuperNATural Piano sound source and is equipped with the same high-performance 88 key PHA-4 Standard keyboard as the high-quality FP-60X, making it an ideal choice for experienced piano players to play at home. This piano is lightweight and portable, and can be connected to tutorials through Bluetooth for audio synchronization, making it suitable for improving piano skills and small-scale performances.

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88 key PHA-4 standard keyboard

When inspiration came, the new FP-10 (entry-level) from the well-known Roland FP piano series was like adding wings to a tiger. This digital piano is affordable and ready for you to play at any time. Equipped with an 88 key PHA-4 standard keyboard, it has a reassuring and realistic touch, incorporating Roland's memorable SuperNATural piano sound through built-in speakers or headphones. The FP-10 features a space saving portable design, making it an ideal choice for home performance whether you are practicing techniques in the guest room or performing in the living room. In addition, FP-10 offers Bluetooth, which is not available in other electric pianos of the same price range ® Connected and powerful built-in functions, it is the only piano choice for experienced performers.

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61 key high-quality portable keyboard

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano, but don't have enough space or budget to purchase a full-size piano? Now Roland's GO: PIANO has solved both of these problems, allowing you to turn your dreams into reality. The affordable GO: PIANO electric piano is a high-quality and portable solution that makes learning the piano both simple and enjoyable. GO: PIANO's authentic voice and touch come from Roland's professional home piano, and it supports Bluetooth, allowing you to use the music teaching app on your favorite mobile device. The built-in speaker on the body makes it convenient for daily practice, so GO: PIANO is the ideal companion for you to embark on your piano playing journey.

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88 key portable PHA-4 standard keyboard

As a new member of the Roland MIDI controller series, the A-88MKII is equipped with convenient tools that can inspire the creativity of today's musicians and producers, with ideal performance. Roland's award-winning fully equipped hammer structure keyboard, durable design, combined with modern features such as USB-C interface, RGB backlight control, and MIDI 2.0 (soon to be released), all make it a leader among similar products.

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61 key multifunctional dynamic sound keyboard

If you are looking for a keyboard controller that can be used in a studio, stage, or anywhere that inspires you, choose A-800PRO! It combines Roland's professional design with Cakewalk's legendary ease of use. The performance and feel of the A-800PRO allow you to unleash your musical talents to a greater extent.

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88 key portable keyboard

The FP-18 is the most compact full size 88 key piano in the FP series, which is highly loved for its portability and piano quality. Equipped with the highly acclaimed SuperNATural Piano sound source for performance, featuring ivory like white keys and escapement devices PHA-4 Standard keyboard with progressive hammering structure. Although the body of the piano is small, it still has built-in speakers, whether playing in the living room or practicing in a small room, You can enjoy the fun of playing without being constrained by time or venue. By using the separately sold three pedals, a deeper level of piano performance can also be achieved. In addition to the piano timbre, it is also equipped with several Western and Chinese ethnic instrument timbres to enjoy the fun of playing different music styles. The operation panel is labeled in Chinese for easy operation. At the same time, it also supports Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy the fun brought by digital technology. Whether it's the first piano for beginners or the second piano for updates, you can't put it down.

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88 key multifunctional full counterweight keyboard practice

FP-E50 brings you a rich electric piano experience. This portable piano is equipped with Roland advanced technology, providing a versatile creative workstation for learning, performance, and music creation. Practice pure playing techniques using the SuperNATural Piano sound engine and 88 key fully weighted keyboard. Explore synthesizers, orchestral music, and other sound colors through the advanced ZEN Core sound engine; Interactive accompaniment allows you to achieve band effects alone. Connect the microphone and add vocals and real-time harmony effects for singing. Using Bluetooth ® Explore more possibilities with audio/MIDI, built-in recorder, and computer connectivity.

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61 key square keyboard with force sensing

If you have been searching for a fun and inspiring way to play music! That's the answer you're looking for. With its innovative loop mixing function, anyone can immediately create a complete song even without sufficient experience. In addition, there are a variety of professional voice colors for you to explore, and GO: KEYS has a convenient recording function built-in to record and share your works. With Bluetooth functionality, you can connect to your smart device, play with accompaniment, or use a music application. With its lightweight appearance and battery powered support, GO: KEYS allows you to enjoy the magic of creating music anywhere.

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49 key (with force) portable keyboard

There is no shortage of portable MIDI keyboard controllers in the market, but "portability" is often equated with "low standard". The all-new A-49 has changed this situation - this lightweight, compact controller is equipped with a professional full size keyboard, raising its standard among products at the same price point. There are two options available: pearl white and black, making it the ideal choice for musicians who pursue simplicity and ease of use while also possessing a high-quality operating experience.

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61 key (with force sensing) portable arrangement keyboard

This entry-level keyboard is equipped with the high-quality features of Roland's professional instruments, making it perfect for inspiring. You can experience the expressive sound of the original piano and the sound of hundreds of other instruments, enjoying the fun of playing while learning. By using the automatic accompaniment function, you can perform the performance of an integrated band, or connect the microphone and play while singing. You can also use the recording function to record the performance process at any time and check your progress in real-time. This stylish and portable arrangement keyboard is equipped with a stereo speaker system and supports battery power, allowing you to easily carry it and perform live anytime, anywhere.

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