Yamaha Keyboard

Yamaha Keyboard


88 keys equipped with powerful speakers, providing high-quality piano sound and accompaniment style multifunctional keyboard

Experience the beauty of music with our advanced digital piano. Designed to replicate the rich and authentic sound of a traditional grand piano, our digital piano features a touch-sensitive keyboard that ensures precise control and expression. With a wide range of realistic instrument sounds, built-in speakers, and a variety of connectivity options, you can enjoy endless possibilities for creativity and exploration. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pianist, our digital piano offers a versatile and accessible platform for honing your skills and bringing your musical visions to life. Step into the world of limitless musical expression today.

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88 key stepwise weighting keyboard for authentic acoustic piano performance and semi tone pedal control

Discover the extraordinary craftsmanship of our digital piano. Experience the sensation of playing a traditional grand piano, as our state-of-the-art technology precisely replicates its warm and resonant sound. With a touch-responsive keyboard and a vast library of authentic instrument tones, the musical possibilities are endless

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88 Key Gradual Layer Hammer Standard Keyboard with 10 Realistic and Practical Sound Colors and High Resilience Speakers

Experience excellent music exploration. Our Electronic keyboard keyboard perfectly combines creativity and practicality. The 88 key progressive hammer style standard keyboard with matte surface black keys allows you to feel the touch of a real piano. Built in 10 realistic and practical voice modes, with 64 polyphonic counts and dual voice modes. High fidelity speakers bring you an immersive sound quality experience. It also comes with 10 tone demonstration songs and 10 preset piano songs, allowing you to immediately enjoy playing pleasure. Adopting stereo tone sampling technology, each note is filled with sound.

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88 keys, high-quality sound, enhanced VRM virtual resonance modeling technology, can connect to the APP keyboard

P-515, with elegant body and high-quality sound - the world-renowned grand piano CFX and Bösendorfer imperial piano. The P-515 provides a choice of over 500 tones, making it a more outstanding tool and no longer constraining the music style. The NWX keyboard equipped with the P-515 integrates over a century of experience in creating a more first-class piano, providing a satisfying experience for you. The epoch-making digital technology creates a sense of experience for acoustic instruments. The design that combines elegance and compact portability makes the P-515 not only a bright color in your home, but also a reliable eye-catching tool on stage.

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88-key electronic keyboard portable digital music piano

"Embark on a Musical Journey with the Captivating Sounds of our Digital Piano, Precisely Sampled from the CFX Concert Grand Piano. Offers 10 Exquisite Tones and a Vast Library of 353 Melodies. Equipped with the New Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM Lite) for Enhanced Realism. Features a GHS Weighted Keyboard with Progressive Graded Action and Matte Black Keys. Gentle on the Ears with Headphone Compatibility. Built-in 8W x 2 Stereo Amplifier and 12cm x 2 Stereo Speaker System. Seamlessly Connects with the Smart Pianist App for Intuitive Controls and Sheet Music Viewing."

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76 key imitation piano appearance keys and AWM advanced sound sampling sound source keyboard

·76 key imitation piano appearance keys ·AWM Advanced Acoustic Sampling Source ·10 high-quality voice colors ·Dual voice function ·Ultra light weight of only 5.7 kilograms ·Supports battery power supply ·Support iOS device APP connection

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88 key synthesis engine with 192 maximum polyphonic numbers seamless voice switching keyboard

The voice engine of MODX uses the same technology as the flagship synthesizer MONTAGE: AWM2+FM-X. Create stunning and complex tones.

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61 key high-quality music experience, multifunctional sound pad, powerful performance keyboard

The PSR-SX600 is the basic model of the PSR-SX series, which provides a wide range of selectable timbre, rhythm content, and functions for stage performance and home entertainment purposes. With convenient control and excellent sound quality, the PSR-SX600 can achieve the expressive and rich music effects that professional musicians expect.

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61 key imitation piano appearance keys, advanced sound sampling sound source, 10 high-quality tone color keyboards

·61 key imitation piano appearance keys ·AWM Advanced Acoustic Sampling Source ·10 high-quality voice colors ·Dual voice function ·Ultra light weight of only 4.5 kilograms ·Supports battery power supply ·Support iOS device APP connection

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61 key multi tone stereo sound sampling intelligent chord keyboard

The PSR-E400 series is an excellent versatile 61 key keyboard, suitable not only for beginners but also for keyboard experts with its powerful performance. The all-new PSR-E473 adopts a newly developed sound source engine, achieving astonishing breakthroughs in sound quality and aspects such as delay effectors.

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61 key color display, multifunctional and multi tone accompaniment keyboard

Music offers unlimited possibilities, and PSR-SX supports your free and unrestrained music creativity. With a newly designed operating panel, new distributable function buttons, joysticks, and real-time control knobs, you can freely play and constantly break through your music journey.

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76 key portable keyboard

The PSR-EW310 created by Yamaha is equipped with a dynamic responsive keyboard and a new sound source chip, LSI, with higher quality sound quality, making it easy for beginners and performers to use.

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