Cymbal Stand

Cymbal Stand


In the world of percussion, precision and stability are vital, and the right equipment can be the key to unlocking your drumming potential. When it comes to cymbal stands, the Hebikuo Cymbal Stand stands tall as a testament to excellence in design and construction. Hebikuo, renowned for its commitment to quality, brings you a cymbal stand that will elevate your drumming experience.

The Hebikuo Advantage:

1. Robust Construction:

The Hebikuo Cymbal Stand is engineered with the finest materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Built to withstand the demands of drumming, it guarantees durability for countless performances and practice sessions.

2. Adjustable Heights and Angles:

Achieve the perfect cymbal placement effortlessly with this stand's flexible height and angle adjustments. Whether you prefer your cymbals low and tight or high and expansive, Hebikuo's design empowers you to customize your setup for optimal playability.

3. Rock-Solid Stability:

Stability is paramount in drumming. The Hebikuo Cymbal Stand features a tripod base and double-braced legs, ensuring rock-solid stability even during the most intense drumming sessions. Say goodbye to wobbling cymbals and hello to uninterrupted beats.

4. Portability and Compact Design:

Designed with gigging drummers in mind, this cymbal stand is highly portable. It folds up neatly, making it easy to transport to rehearsals, gigs, or drumming sessions with friends.

5. Versatility:

Hebikuo's commitment to versatility means this cymbal stand is suitable for drummers of all genres and styles. Whether you're a rock drummer, jazz enthusiast, or play any other genre, the Hebikuo Cymbal Stand adapts to your needs.

6. Aesthetically Pleasing:

Beyond its functional excellence, this cymbal stand exudes a sleek and professional aesthetic. It's designed not only for performance but also to add a touch of sophistication to your drumming setup.

7. Dedicated Customer Support:

Hebikuo takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction. Rest assured that with your purchase of the Hebikuo Cymbal Stand, you're backed by responsive customer support and a brand that cares about your drumming success.

GBB03 wholesale HEBIKUO Customized Supplier Black Microphone Stand Cup Holder Tray

The material is aluminum alloy. We can provide a high quality and good service to you in your high-end market. The product is suitable for all kinds of guitar effects pedals. This product has excellent thermal stability, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, anti-static interference and other excellent performance characteristics.

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G500 High quality 20/23MM Tube cymbal hihat stands Cymbal Holder stand

Our G500 High quality 20/23MM Tube cymbal height stands Cymbal Holder stand is a high quality product of our company. With sturdy, durable and recyclable material, this hi-hat stand will give you years of great performance. Used by professional musicians and drummers in various musical genres, this stand mounts on all cymbal stands and features a smooth-action foot pedal with a wide range of motion and a large base that minimizes tipping when fully lowered.

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G310 45 cm Bottom Stand Boom Cymbal Straight Stand Percussion

G310 is a high-quality chrome-plated adjustable portable tripod cymbal stand with 45cm boom length and height, which makes it more convenient to set up and move also suitable for different drum sets.

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G300 Hot Selling High Quality Cheap Price Cymbal Stand Rack

G300Heavy Duty Double Braced Legs with Large Rubber Feet, Adjustable Portable Cymbal Stand. This stand features the ultimate stability and durability, enabling you to set up your kit at a fraction of the time with confidence that it will be stable enough for even the most intense performances or rehearsals.

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G410 Cymbal Stand - A Multi-functional Comprehensive Rack

The G410 Cymbal Stand is a high-quality drum accessory that offers multiple functions and is suitable for various types of drum combinations. This stand can adjust the angle and height freely, making it easier for you to adjust the style and technique of your music. It is manufactured with exquisite craftsmanship, and the triangular base design ensures its stability and reliability. The stand is made with a large-diameter pipe to enhance its quality. Additionally, there is a non-slip rubber cap on the bottom of the stand to ensure its stability and firmness during performances.

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G510 Cymbal Stand - High-Quality Drum Accessory Crafted with Exquisite Workmanship

The G510 Cymbal Stand is a high-quality drum accessory crafted with exquisite workmanship. It is durable and sturdy, designed to provide you with the best drumming experience. The multi-stage height adjustment function allows you to freely adjust the required height, while the triangular base structure ensures stability. The stand is made with a large-diameter pipe to enhance its quality. Additionally, the foot of the stand is equipped with a non-slip rubber cap to prevent sliding during performances, providing a safer and more reliable playing environment.

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G110 Drum Stand - Durable and Adjustable Drum Accessory

The G110 Drum Stand is made of metal with a thick diameter and combined with a triangular base, which makes it extremely stable. It is equipped with a thick non-slip drag mat and non-slip rubber feet to firmly hold the stand in place and prevent it from slipping. Additionally, the G110 Drum Stand has an adjustable design that allows you to adjust the placement of the drums to increase flexibility in playing and meet different performance needs. The G110 Drum Stand is a reliable, stable, and durable drum accessory.

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Folding cymbal stand cymbal display stand

Introducing the HEBIKUO G400 Cymbal Stand, a versatile accessory that will enhance your drumming experience. This cymbal stand, originating from Guangdong, China, is crafted from galvanized alloy, ensuring durability and reliability in any performance setting. With a sleek silver color and electroplated surface finish, this cymbal stand not only provides excellent functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to your drum kit. The adjustable height, ranging from 80cm to 115cm, offers flexibility and customization to accommodate different playing styles and preferences. Designed with the utmost precision, this cymbal stand is lightweight with a net weight of 2.3kg, making it easy to transport and set up. The secure and stable construction ensures your cymbals are held in place securely, allowing you to confidently perform your best. Ideal for both professional drummers and enthusiasts, the HEBIKUO G400 Cymbal Stand is the perfect addition to your drumming arsenal. Whether you're looking for a stand for live performances or studio recordings, this cymbal stand is the reliable and stylish choice. Experience exceptional quality and reliability with the HEBIKUO G400 Cymbal Stand – the ultimate drum accessory.

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