KAWAI Keyboard

KAWAI Keyboard


88 key sampling harmonic imaging sound source, excellent piano touch and high-quality tone keyboard

·RHC stepwise counterweight keyboard with further improvement ·Full 88 key sampling harmonic imaging sound source (HI) ·SK-EX&KAWAI EX Concert Triangle Piano Tone ·25 high-quality voice colors, voice overlay and split performance modes ·100 drum rhythm types ·Integrated Bluetooth ® MIDI (5.0) and audio (5.1) transmission technology ·Support PianoRemote Piano Control APP, Compatible with iOS/Android/Harmony · Fashion, slim, and sturdy body design, Weighing only 12.5 kilograms, dedicated stereo audio output interface for easy performance sound reinforcement ·6.5mm/3.5mm dual headphone interface ·Provide designer piano stand and three pedal components for selection

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88 key stereo sampled grand piano sound, convenient Bluetooth, equipped with RHCII keyboard system keyboard

・Revised RHCII three contact sensor step by step counterweight keyboard ・Full 88 key stereo sampling KAWAI SK-EX concert grand piano sound ・Powerful 40W stereo amplifier and speaker system ・Equipped with bass balance function ・Convenient Bluetooth ® MIDI wireless transmission and USB-MIDI interface ・PianoRemote APP and PiaBookPlayer APP supporting iOS and Android systems ・Built-in piano tutorials for Bouguemueller, Cherny, Baie, and Alfred ・Enhanced depth and realism of earphone space sound field ・The compact body design in high-end sandalwood color ・ All Chinese printed panel

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High cost performance digital piano with a realistic experience of grand piano

This ultra portable ES110 is another highly regarded product in the ES series, featuring a new compact RH keyboard, a full 88 key sampled harmonic imaging sound source, and built-in Bluetooth ® Wireless connection function, and at an extremely affordable price, it provides the touch and sound of a grand piano keyboard that meets the needs of performances.

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A digital piano with realistic triangular piano and rich automatic accompaniment functions.

·AHA IV-F graded counterweight keyboard with excellent tactile feel ·Harmonic Imaging Sound Source Technology (HI) ·Full 88 key sampling Kawai EX concert grand piano ·100 professional stylized automatic accompaniments ·381 voice colors ·Maximum number of polyphones 192 ·Triangle piano pedal system

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88 key ABS graded counterweight hammer keyboard

The NOVUS series (NV series) hybrid piano flagship model has emerged. The NV10S combines the KAWAI third-generation hyper responsive string player keyboard system, grand piano sound control system, KAWAI SK-EX piano rendering engine, and Onkyo advanced amplifier and speaker technology, creating a more outstanding grand piano playing experience among electronic instruments.

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88 key RHIII step-by-step counterweight keyboard

The DG30 has a stunning modern grand piano appearance, making it the finishing touch in spatial layout. KAWAI's RHIII keyboard system, SK-EX, SK5, and EX grand piano tones, speaker system designed by Anqiao, and convenient wireless Bluetooth ® The connectivity function is fully integrated into the DG30, aiming to inspire performers of all ages and their musical potential.

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88 key wooden keyboard, imitation ivory material keyboard surface keyboard

MP Series - Professional Stage Digital Piano Your beloved keyboard touch, the sound you need, and the control performance you dream of. Whether you are performing in a recording studio or outdoors, the MP series stage digital piano can provide excellent performance for professional musicians. In 2018 and 2019, it was named the "Professional Electronic Keyboard Series of the Year" by MMP magazine for two consecutive years.

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88 key keywise stereo sampling wooden keyboard

CA series digital pianos add new members, equipped with GFC wooden keyboards with realistic touch, beautiful KAWAI SK-EX and KAWAI EX concert grand piano tones, and convenient Bluetooth ® Connection function. The CA28G, which focuses on piano playing experience, offers many advantages of the CA series digital piano at a more affordable price.

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88 key graded weight GFC wooden keyboard

Combining the leading technology of the GFC wooden keyboard system (Grand Feed Compact Wooden key keyboard action) with impressive SK-EX, SK5, and EX grand piano sound, as well as a powerful Anqiao four unit speaker system, convenient USB audio function, Bluetooth ® With connectivity and a wide range of voice options, CA59 provides better keyboard touch, voice, rich functionality, and excellent cost-effectiveness among its peers.

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88 key progressive weight compact GF keyboard

Recommended models for CA series digital pianos The all-new CA33 is the latest model of KAWAI's award-winning CA series digital piano, and many of the features and functions of high-end models are reflected in this compact digital piano.

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Full 88 key sampling RHIII step-by-step counterweight keyboard

A New Standard for Defining the Value and Expressiveness of Digital Pianos Equipped with a Response Hammer III Keyboard Action with 88 key counterweight lead blocks and stunning SK-EX and EX piano tones, as well as a speaker system developed by audio professional brand Anqiao, the CN29, which focuses on being closer to the piano, provides outstanding keyboard touch and sound among its peers. Bluetooth ® Convenient learning functions such as connection, piano lessons, and recording are all within the compact and elegant body of the CN29.

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88 key RHC II step-by-step counterweight force keyboard

Another masterpiece representing the quality of KAWAI digital piano As a supplement to the KAWAI digital piano product series, it is particularly impressive. The low-key appearance of the KDP120G comes with RHCII keyboard system, beautiful Shigeru Kawai SK-EX full 88 key stereo sampling of the grand piano sound, and convenient Bluetooth ®、 USB and MIDI connectivity, supporting the newly developed Piano Remote and PiaBook Player apps, providing the touch and sound of a grand piano keyboard at an incredibly affordable price.

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