electrical piano/electronic organ

electrical piano/electronic organ


Why Choose Hebikuo Electronic Pianos and Organs?

1. Superior Craftsmanship:

Hebikuo places a premium on craftsmanship. Their electronic pianos and organs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using top-tier materials. This results in instruments that not only sound exceptional but also stand the test of time.

2. Innovative Technology:

Hebikuo's instruments are at the forefront of technological innovation. They incorporate cutting-edge features, offering musicians a wide range of tones, effects, and customization options to suit their musical style and preferences.

3. Authentic Sound and Feel:

Hebikuo's electronic pianos and organs are known for their authentic sound and touch. Musicians can expect a realistic playing experience, making them ideal choices for both practice and performance.

4. Versatility:

Whether you're a classical pianist, a contemporary keyboardist, or an organ enthusiast, Hebikuo has instruments to cater to your needs. Their product range spans a wide spectrum, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every musical genre.

5. Portability and Compact Design:

Hebikuo understands the needs of modern musicians. Their instruments are designed to be portable and easy to set up, making them suitable for a variety of venues and performance situations.

6. Competitive Pricing:

Despite their premium quality, Hebikuo's electronic pianos and organs offer competitive pricing. This affordability ensures that musicians can access top-tier instruments without breaking the bank.

7. Dedicated Customer Support:

Hebikuo places great importance on customer satisfaction. Their responsive customer support team is always ready to assist, providing guidance and assistance throughout the customer's musical journey.

61 key slim, stylish, portable design, simple interface, multiple mode keyboard

With CT-S300, you can play music anytime, anywhere. Adopting a compact design (size 930mm x 256mm x 73mm), the volume is 30% smaller than the CTK-3500 model, and it can be used for nearly 16 hours using 6 No. 5 batteries. As long as one hand holds the top handle, it can be easily taken away, weighing only 3.3 kilograms, making it very convenient to carry. The design adopts curved edges and rounded corners, making it safe and convenient to carry. *Depending on the type of battery and your playing style, the duration of continuous use may be shorter than expected.

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61 key sound, engaging, versatile, versatile, versatile, and compact keyboard with multiple panels

The CT-S500 adopts Casio's unique professional AiX sound source technology to create your ideal performance effect. This electronic organ features "sound" and provides rich and expressive timbre. Through Casio's DSP technology, the effect parameters of the electronic organ can be assigned to the control knob and adjusted in real-time, making the music more dynamic and expressive. Play your favorite songs on the electronic organ and explore your own music style.

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61 key upgraded version restored piano, suitable for beginners, slim body keyboard

Casio's high-density assembly technology is the key to this piano's slim body, featuring micro components and a space saving internal structure. The bold monochrome color scheme combines minimalist design aesthetics to present a simple and elegant piano experience. This compact piano can be played in your own style in different places.

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61 key imitation piano appearance keys, advanced sound sampling sound source, 10 high-quality tone color keyboards

·61 key imitation piano appearance keys ·AWM Advanced Acoustic Sampling Source ·10 high-quality voice colors ·Dual voice function ·Ultra light weight of only 4.5 kilograms ·Supports battery power supply ·Support iOS device APP connection

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61 key multi tone stereo sound sampling intelligent chord keyboard

The PSR-E400 series is an excellent versatile 61 key keyboard, suitable not only for beginners but also for keyboard experts with its powerful performance. The all-new PSR-E473 adopts a newly developed sound source engine, achieving astonishing breakthroughs in sound quality and aspects such as delay effectors.

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61 key color display, multifunctional and multi tone accompaniment keyboard

Music offers unlimited possibilities, and PSR-SX supports your free and unrestrained music creativity. With a newly designed operating panel, new distributable function buttons, joysticks, and real-time control knobs, you can freely play and constantly break through your music journey.

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Strength/Prolongation/Treble/Shift/Fine adjustment/Dual keyboard 61 key strength keyboard

USB-MIDI interface, speaker output (R/L)/headphone output/external power supply, 61 key professional playing electronic organ

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61 Key Standard Strength Keyboard LCD Display/45 Teaching Demonstration Songs

● Rhythm Programming Function / Record & Playback ● Pitch Bend / Vibrato / Sustain / Transpose / Tuning ● Four- Bank Registration / Keyboard Split Feature ● One- Key / Follow / Ensemble

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61 key multifunctional teaching electronic organ LED digital display

61-Key Simulation Piano Keyboard,LED Display,128 Timbres / 128 Rhythms,12 Demonstration Songs,Keyboard Percussion / 8 Percussion,Master Volume / Accom Volume / Tempo Control

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61 key multifunctional teaching electronic organ

61-key Keyboard,LED Display,200 Timbres / 128 Rhythms,10 Demonstration Songs / 61 Keyboard Percussion,Master Volume / Chord Volume / Rhythm Volume Control

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61 key multifunctional teaching electronic organ

61-Key Standard Keyboard,LCD Display,100 Timbres / 100 Rhythms,8 Percussions / Keyboard Percussion,6 Demonstration Songs

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61 key multifunctional teaching electronic organ can be inserted into a USB drive to play MP3 music

61-key Keyboard,LED Display, 200 Timbres / 128 Rhythms,10 Demonstration Songs / 61 Keyboard Percussion,Master Volume / Chord Volume / Rhythm Volume Control,Single Finger / Fingered Chord / Chord Timbre

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