electrical piano/electronic organ

electrical piano/electronic organ


Why Choose Hebikuo Electronic Pianos and Organs?

1. Superior Craftsmanship:

Hebikuo places a premium on craftsmanship. Their electronic pianos and organs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using top-tier materials. This results in instruments that not only sound exceptional but also stand the test of time.

2. Innovative Technology:

Hebikuo's instruments are at the forefront of technological innovation. They incorporate cutting-edge features, offering musicians a wide range of tones, effects, and customization options to suit their musical style and preferences.

3. Authentic Sound and Feel:

Hebikuo's electronic pianos and organs are known for their authentic sound and touch. Musicians can expect a realistic playing experience, making them ideal choices for both practice and performance.

4. Versatility:

Whether you're a classical pianist, a contemporary keyboardist, or an organ enthusiast, Hebikuo has instruments to cater to your needs. Their product range spans a wide spectrum, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every musical genre.

5. Portability and Compact Design:

Hebikuo understands the needs of modern musicians. Their instruments are designed to be portable and easy to set up, making them suitable for a variety of venues and performance situations.

6. Competitive Pricing:

Despite their premium quality, Hebikuo's electronic pianos and organs offer competitive pricing. This affordability ensures that musicians can access top-tier instruments without breaking the bank.

7. Dedicated Customer Support:

Hebikuo places great importance on customer satisfaction. Their responsive customer support team is always ready to assist, providing guidance and assistance throughout the customer's musical journey.

61 key entry-level electronic organ with rich sound and functions built-in

As a teaching tool and an instrument, the YPT-270 combines Yamaha's high-quality sound and accompaniment styles with practical learning functions, inspiring beginners to unleash their potential and cultivating a passion for learning and playing music. The various fun and teaching functions of the YPT-270 ensure rapid progress, making the entire learning experience even practice so interesting that even children can continue to explore alone.

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Silver body, 61 key organ keyboard

Cross Eastern and Western music, connecting tradition and modernity, KB-208 is specifically designed for Chinese electronic keyboard beginners and an economic choice.

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88 key step-by-step counterweight keyboard

The flagship vertical piano exterior model of the Clavinova CLP series is equipped with a GrandTouch keyboard equipped with a balanced weight device and a flagship sound system in this series.

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88 key linear counterweight keyboard

The CLP series of digital pianos utilizes advanced technology and the pianist's superb performance skills, continuously changing the speed and depth of touch keys, conveying the rich changes in sound, reproducing the playing experience of the grand piano, and interpreting a unique personal charm. As we approach the expressive power of the grand piano, the CLP-700 series elevates the enjoyment of piano performance to a new level.

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GHS (Gradual Hammer Sense Standard) Keyboard with 88 Key Gradual Weighting

The GHS (Gradual Hammer Sense Standard) keyboard with 88 key progressive weighting reproduces the tactile feel of an acoustic piano, with a heavier feel in the low range and a lighter feel in the high range. The GHS keyboard provides a grand piano like response and tactile feel, allowing for fast homophonic typing and real expressive control. In addition, the sound control pedal also supports a half pedal effect, realistically reproducing the sound control effect of a grand piano and providing rich facial expressions.

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88 Key Counterweight Portable Keyboard

Yamaha's P-series digital piano is deeply loved by piano players around the world, and in the limited size and weight conditions, the P-series provides the comfort of an acoustic piano. Compared to the previous generation of products, the P-225 achieves a more compact and lightweight design, with a shorter and thinner body. From any perspective, this piano is very beautiful and can blend into any indoor space. In order to achieve a smaller volume, we have developed a new GHC (Gradual Hammer Sense Compact) keyboard (88 keys), which maintains the same level of acoustic piano weight as the previous generation P series GHS (Gradual Hammer Sense Standard) keyboard. The P-225 features the timbre of Yamaha's top-notch concert grand piano CFX, using Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) Lite technology to replicate every moment of timbre change in a real grand piano. Whether you are a skilled pianist or a beginner eager to learn how to play, the P-225 is a great choice.

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88 key progressive hammer feel standard GHS keyboard

The Yamaha P-S500 Digital Piano is an intelligent piano that showcases the keys to be played using its unique drop guide light function. The P-S500 is paired with the Intelligent Pianist app to help you easily move forward on the path of music.

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88 key GHS portable keyboard

The Yamaha P-125a digital piano is so agile that it was not until the moment we heard its original and dynamic sound that we were convinced. Equipped with Yamaha's proven 88 key GHS keyboard, this instrument unleashes beautiful sounds and a delightful original piano playing experience. The slim and exquisite design makes P-125a the finishing touch of the home space. The lightweight and compact body is suitable for any environment - even small live music stages. It comes with everything you need, from app compatibility to dual headphone jack, built-in rhythm, and more, providing you with full freedom to practice and perform in the way you love.

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88 key progressive hammer feel standard keyboard with matte surface black keys

Yamaha's unique pure tone CF sound engine is a combination of craftsmanship and scientific technology that has been manufacturing acoustic pianos for over a century. Yamaha is a technology advocate in the field of digital piano, and you can feel this in the pure tone CF sound engine. The P-128 features the renowned Yamaha CFIIIS 9-foot concert grand piano sound and faithfully reproduces incredible dynamic range and expressive power, enabling digital pianos equipped with pure tone CF engines to showcase Yamaha's glory. 88 key progressive hammer feel standard keyboard (GHS), with a heavy to light feel from bass to treble, similar to an acoustic piano.

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GHC (progressive hammer feel compact) keyboard (88 keys)

The Yamaha P-145 is an entry-level model in the P series and an ideal choice for beginners. This slim portable digital piano is only equipped with essential sound and functions, allowing you to fully enjoy the authentic performance. LP-5A three pedal unit can be optionally installed.

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61 key force sensing portable keyboard

The CT-S1FH co branded electronic piano features a bright and vibrant color design, making it irresistible to want to play a song immediately. Share happiness with family and friends, creating a music world full of joy and positive energy. The artistic patterns specially designed by Romero Britto convey love, hope, and happiness. Having family and friends together is incredibly happy, and music can double the happiness!

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88 Key Advanced Convenient Keyboard

The PX-S6000 has an intuitive tone modulation function, giving your performance greater flexibility, allowing you to enjoy the rich tones and true touch of the grand piano brought by Casio's innovative sound technology anytime and anywhere. The body of the piano is designed with a fusion of wood texture, giving it a strong sense of fashion and can be integrated with different living spaces and playing styles.

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