electrical piano/electronic organ

electrical piano/electronic organ


Why Choose Hebikuo Electronic Pianos and Organs?

1. Superior Craftsmanship:

Hebikuo places a premium on craftsmanship. Their electronic pianos and organs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using top-tier materials. This results in instruments that not only sound exceptional but also stand the test of time.

2. Innovative Technology:

Hebikuo's instruments are at the forefront of technological innovation. They incorporate cutting-edge features, offering musicians a wide range of tones, effects, and customization options to suit their musical style and preferences.

3. Authentic Sound and Feel:

Hebikuo's electronic pianos and organs are known for their authentic sound and touch. Musicians can expect a realistic playing experience, making them ideal choices for both practice and performance.

4. Versatility:

Whether you're a classical pianist, a contemporary keyboardist, or an organ enthusiast, Hebikuo has instruments to cater to your needs. Their product range spans a wide spectrum, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every musical genre.

5. Portability and Compact Design:

Hebikuo understands the needs of modern musicians. Their instruments are designed to be portable and easy to set up, making them suitable for a variety of venues and performance situations.

6. Competitive Pricing:

Despite their premium quality, Hebikuo's electronic pianos and organs offer competitive pricing. This affordability ensures that musicians can access top-tier instruments without breaking the bank.

7. Dedicated Customer Support:

Hebikuo places great importance on customer satisfaction. Their responsive customer support team is always ready to assist, providing guidance and assistance throughout the customer's musical journey.

61 Key Force Sensing Luminous Piano Keyboard

Intelligent APP illuminated key teaching electronic piano with 460 tones, 260 rhythms, and 5 demonstration songs of full keyboard percussion. Main volume, chord volume, rhythm volume, single finger chord, multi finger chord, chord off, and 4 chord pads

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61 Key Teaching Type Digital Electronic Piano Three Step Intelligent Teaching

61 key imitation piano keyboard Pluggable USB flash drive for playing MP3 music LED digital display 255 timbres and 255 rhythms 50 demonstration songs, full keyboard percussion music

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61 key multifunctional teaching electronic organ

61 key imitation piano keyboard can be inserted into a USB flash drive, playing MP3 music, LCD LCD display, 255 tones, 255 rhythms, 50 demonstration songs: full keyboard percussion volume, accompaniment volume, rhythm speed adjustment for on-demand and continuous singing

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61 luminescent piano keyboard can be inserted into a USB drive to play MP3 music

61 key illuminated key teaching electronic organ with 255 timbres, 255 rhythms, 50 demonstration songs, full keyboard percussion main volume, accompaniment volume, shifting, rhythm speed adjustment start/stop, synchronization, insertion, metronome

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61 key professional performance electronic organ LCD display with 128 tones/rhythms

61 key dynamic keyboard, LCD display, 128 tones/128 rhythms/15 demonstration songs, full keyboard percussion/grand piano

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61 key professional playing electronic organ with blue backlight LCD display, with keyboard, staff, and other displays

61 key power keyboard, operation: select timbre, rhythm, song using number buttons, [+]/[-] buttons, or data wheel. Set the beat type, key separation point, MIDI output input, BANK SELECT, etc. using function menu keys, and select other function keys directly. Voice: 162 voices, including 128 GM voices, 5 folk music voices, 23 synthetic voices, and 6 percussion voices

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61 key force sensing piano keyboard, LCD display/40 teaching demonstration songs, 345 standard tones/128 world selected rhythms

61 Key Force Sensing Piano Keyboard 345 Standard Tones/128 World Selected Rhythms 8 Panel Percussion/61 Keyboard Percussion

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61 key standard force keyboard, LCD display, 345 standard tones/128 world selected rhythms

61 key professional performance electronic piano, intelligent teaching mode: single key/follow function, single finger/multi finger/chord tone/6 types of chord pads

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61 key force sensing piano keyboard with LCD display

61 key professional playing electronic organ,Can be inserted into a USB drive to play MP3 music (this product does not include a USB drive, users need to purchase it themselves) This piano has an audio input function, which can input audio from mobile phones and other devices to the electronic piano for playback.

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76 key portable keyboard

The PSR-EW310 created by Yamaha is equipped with a dynamic responsive keyboard and a new sound source chip, LSI, with higher quality sound quality, making it easy for beginners and performers to use.

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76 key portable dynamic response keyboard

On the basis of the classic portable electronic keyboard PSR series, the PSR-EW425 is equipped with a 76 key dynamic response keyboard and rich functions, providing you with powerful sound power and performance, taking your music even further.

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61 key electronic organ, illuminated keys, entry-level portable electronic organ

Simply play the illuminated keys and you can easily and naturally play beautiful music. Being attracted from the beginning, practicing and playing with fun. If you want to improve more, just follow your own pace and practice using three teaching functions. Not only can the left and right hands be practiced separately, but the music can also be divided into different parts for repeated practice. The illuminated keys will guide you throughout the entire process, allowing you to enjoy playing even if you don't understand the music score.

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